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Dongfang Car Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd. founded in 1993, with the plastic molding plant and the metal die casting molding plant. The plastic molding division is specialized in plastic injection molding and blow molding as well as tools manufacturing. The company started with a small metal processing machine shop with several manu lathes and liner cutting machines. When the china opening policy stepping all around the mainland, the demand from the domestic and oversea market for plastic injection & blow tools grew rapidly . for this reason the pioneer of Dongfang (the sister and brother ) decided to bigger the investment in modern tools making facilities and technology to meet the requirement. With the continuously improvement and expand the production technology and facilities, now Dongfang has good and big capacity of providing molds and molding service and established the plastic molding and metal die casting plant.

Dongfang produce wide range of products, which are serving the automotive, electronics, agricultural, home appliance, medical and military industries. With 15 years’ effort of the accumulation of experience and the escalation of the familiarity, we now have already established stable and long-term business relationships with several partners from US and Europe as well as other place in the world. Till to now, our annual exporting turnover is up to USD 6 millions, with the yearly increase of 15-18% in recent years.

Since the beginning of our establishment, we have been sticking to the firm and sound principles: Sincerity, down-to-earth attitude, constant improvements and customers first, to deal with our work. Over these years we have been unremittingly working hard to enhance our technological level and to upgrade our equipment so that any specifications, from small to medium-sized precision high-yielded thermal-treatment and general moulds, can all be manufactured by us without limits. Besides, we expanded and upgraded our injection and blow molding workshop to meet the higher and higher requirements from our customer. Our performance has gradually been praised by every circle.

In retrospect, on account of the great support, care and instructions from domestic companies, oversea companies, veterans of the same industry, and contractors, among many others, we can have today’s fruitful results.

In the future, based on the cooperative spirit of “inter-dependence and inter-growth” for working partners, we will continue to enhance the cooperative relations between partners in order to develop bigger commercial opportunities, to create better profit for each other, and, finally, to feedback to every working partner.

In an ever-changing world, Dongfang is committed to offering its clients with premium quality by drawing on superior technology and proven experience. We are ready to meet customer demand with heartfelt service. We are also aware that constant innovation is pivotal to the firm's steady growth. Instead of feeling self -complacent about our outstanding past record, we vow to make bolder efforts realize even brighter prospects in the days ahead.